Visiting a youth group and some good questions

Yesterday, I visited a youth group to chat to them about the GSOY project. They were a really lovely group of young people, and came up with some good questions about the project. I thought I would answer some of the questions here too, in case anyone else was wondering the same thing.

diary questions
Can I do an online diary or a paper diary? 

You can do either. If you do an online diary, I will create a private blog for you, that only you and I can access. It will be your site, and you are welcome to keep the blog and share it if you like, or delete it after the project is over.You can also keep a real, offline paper diary. If you want to do this, you can either use a notebook that you find or I will send you a notebook.


What happens when we are finished our diaries?

Once you are finished, you will send it to me (or, if you like, you can scan in the pages and email them). If you like, I can send you the diary back once the project is finished.

The group also asked if after they finished their diaries – would I come back to see them or would they just post their diary off? I said that this was up to them – if you just want to send me your diary and don’t want to talk about it, that is okay. But it would be great if you wanted to have a chat about it afterwards. If this is the case, we can arrange a time to chat once you are finished with your diary (for people who find the site online, this can be using Skype, a programme that lets you have phone calls, video calls or instant messaging chats online).

And if you really love keeping your diary, you can of course keep doing it for as long as you like!


If you have other questions about the diaries, check out this page  or send me a message.

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